Easy Reading

Clearview is an easy-to-use tabbed style e-book reader for Mac, equipped with library shelf, supports popular e-book formats as PDF, EPUB (DRM free), CHM, and MOBI. You can make annotations, insert bookmarks, and do searching freely.

Clearview reader came with a belief that reading should be enjoyable and can be easy. It was designed to help you read e-books quickly, clearly and efficiently. Everything you want about a desktop e-reader just got much better in Clearview. And much easier.

Runs on OS X 10.7.0 and later, optimized for Yosemite. (The last version compatible with OS X 10.6.8 is v1.5.6)

Manage books with simplicity

Clearview do not do too much or too less to manage books. It cooperates with Finder to make things easy. Just drag the folders containing e-book files from finder and drop on the Clearview shelf, all the files information will be imported to the library quickly, then you can browse the folders, search for book files or open the books from shelf easily, just like in finder.

So, you can organize and maintain your books library in Finder, then browse and read in Clearview. Your books library in Finder is like part of your library in Clearview.

Besides, you can make book reading lists by constructing collections, containing books that you may use often or recently.

Clearview do not aim to provide a complicated library or shelf like a warehouse which needs a professional warehouse keeper to operate on. All that Clearview library presents to the user is simple and intuitive to use, with just one purpose: find your books to read easily.

Powerful shelf

PDF, EPUB, CHM or MOBI, all four kind of e-book formats can be presented with big cover, page thumbnails and table of contents.

A shelf that can present your book list with four view type: thumbnails, list, detailed list or flow view. Also capable of searching for books by file name, book title, author, publisher or content texts.

Tabbed reading is amazing

We have been accustomed to tabbed reading in a browser. For an e-reader, tabbed reading can be amazing too.

With several related books organized in the same window, you do not have to look for and switch between the book windows everywhere. Further more, with a shelf tab and book file tabs living in the same window, browsing and reading is so easy.

Read clearly

A good e-reader should not be decorated too much. Clearview provides a clean reading interface to the user. The interface is also flexible, you can easily adjust to fit your needs.

A revolutionary reader for EPUB/CHM/MOBI

What makes Clearview different is the unique capability to read books with these formats in four reading layouts. Page flip or continuous scrolling, single page or two columns. Yes, you can read an EPUB, MOBI or CHM book like a PDF book in a continuous mode, by scrolling pages quickly, you do not have to flip page and a page, and no need to pause to click the next chapter.

For CHM books, reading with Clearview will make you feel like reading a "real e-book" like PDF, rather a combination of many disordered web pages. That is a totally new reading experience.

  • Thumbnails display of book pages;
  • Book page color themes (Normal, Sepia, Night time);
  • Text fonts adjustment (Size, line height and font family);
  • Search for text quickly in book content;

Annotate and bookmarking freely

  • Annotations and bookmarks are supported on all 4 book formats;
  • Revisions will be saved in library database automatically, not on the original book files, so "save changes" prompt dialog won't appear in your smooth reading.
  • Line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, highlight, strike, underline, free text, comments - for PDF annotations;
  • Note/Comment, Highlight, strike, underline - for EPUB, MOBI, CHM annotations;
  • Customizable annotation colors and line width;
  • Save bookmark with little effort, and visit easily;
  • Manage your bookmarks in shelf;
  • Viewing notes in shelf;